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A La Carte

What does this mean?

The term 'A La Carte' is generally used to reference menu items priced and ordered other words, it describes the method of ordering an item from the menu on its own. For example, a steak without the potatoes and vegetables is steak à la carte. This is how our menu is presented. We recommend ordering 1 to 2 sides per person to round out your dining experience with us.  

With this in mind...Please enjoy!


From The Grill


With our ongoing commitment to provide quality, we are proud to serve pasture raised, grass fed,

Black Angus Reserve Alberta beef...the absolute benchmark for Canadian beef. 


Please select how you wish your steak to be prepared...


Chicago Rare...crispy on the outside, cool center, bright red throughout

Rare...crispy on the outside, warm center, bright red throughout

Medium Rare...vivid grill marks, warm center, red throughout

Medium...noticeable grill marks, warm and bright pinkish red center

Medium Well...vague grill marks, hot center with minimal traces of pink


Don’t see the size you’re after, or if sharing...we are happy to cut extra ounces for you.



New York Strip...Hardy flavour, full bodied texture, robust taste

8 oz cut...28                 12 oz cut37

For each extra ounce...Add $5.00



Rib EyeBoneless, lip-on, richly marbled, deliciously juicy

10 oz cut...37                12 oz cut...45

For each extra ounce...Add $6.00



TenderloinFilet, treasured for it’s tenderness and 'savory' taste

4 oz (petit) cut...32       6 oz cut...44

 For each extra ounce...Add $8.00

Oven Roasted

Coq au VinTimeless, classic French chicken stew. Free-range chicken pieces slow-braised in wine with double smoked bacon, mushrooms, root vegetables, and pearl onions. Served over our creamy garlic mash potatoes   29


Mini Pot Roasts...Comfort food extraordinaire! Three fork-tender Black Angus beef cuts braised in a flavorful gravy with carrots, sweet onion, mushrooms, and turnips served atop our creamy mushroom barley risotto   32   

Pork RibsA full rack of hand rubbed, beer braised St. Louis style ribs smothered with our spicy house-made blueberry barbeque sauce and roasted to perfection   29

Sole Rolls...Two-four ounce pan-baked 'Alaskan' sole filets, rolled and stuffed with a filling of lump crabmeat, shrimp, wilted spinach, white wine, garlic, cream cheese, and a drizzle of our fresh Meyer lemon sauce   26

Smoked BBQ Beef Rib...One meaty, juicy, 9" short rib bone served atop our creamy garlic mashed potatoes and accompanied with braised root vegetables and piece of house-made savory jalapeno cornbread   42 

Chicken Neptune...Six-ounce grilled chicken breast topped with a trio of lobster, crab, and baby shrimp atop fresh asparagus and finished with a pour of our creamy, rich Hollandaise sauce   40 

Chicken Breast...Six-ounce skin on, boneless breast, lightly smoked and grilled   13

For the 'Herbivore' in all of usAsk your server about today’s vegetarian creation using certified organic produce and grains   24

Small Plates For Sharing

(Perfect for one, two, or more people)

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps...Plump, fresh button mushrooms stuffed with lump crab meat, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs. Broiled until bubbly and topped with fresh pea shoots and charred lemon   15 


Coconut Prawns...Three sweet, plump, and juicy jumbo prawns sautéed in a zesty 

citrus brown butter coconut cream sauce  18 


Bourbon Crusted Brie...Creamy Brie with a house-made crust composed of cashews, seasonings, and a dash of bourbon. Served with fresh apple slices and house-made marble rye crostini   15 

Drunken Escargot...White wine marinated escargot mushroom caps drenched in garlic lemon butter and baked until golden and bubbly. Served with marble rye bread   14  

Truffled Brussel SproutsDeep fried fresh sprouts tossed with a truffle oil-pineapple citrus dressing, cashews, parmesan cheese, and bacon slivers   14

Pork Riblets...One-pound tasty marinated bone-in ribs tossed with roasted sweet peppers, fresh onion slices, garlic, dash of organic soy, and lemon juice   15 


Accompaniments, Enhancements & Sides

Creamed Corn                                                  6

Garlic Herb Prawns (2 per order)                  14

Sautéed Mushrooms                                         8

Blue Cheese Butter                                          8

Roasted Mashed Yams                                      6

Honey Glazed Carrots                                     7

Wild Rice Blend                                                6

Parmesan Fries                                                   8

Truffle Fries                                                       12

Béarnaise Sauce                                         5

Neptune                                                   24

Beef Au Jus’                                               5

Green Peppercorn Jus’                              5

Baked Potato (with the works)                9

Garlic Mashed Potatoes                           6

Steamed Mixed Vegetables                      8

Cattle Company Fries                               6

Yam Fries                                                    6

Soups, Salads & Breads

Onion Soup Gratinée...Caramelized onion, marbled rye crostini, and smoked gruyère cheese baked until bubbly   15  

Soup of the Day...A hearty bowl of our chef's daily creation. Ask your server.   9

Cattle Co. Caesar...Fresh organic romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, house-made chicharrones, and shaved parmesan cheese tossed in our roasted garlic-lemon

dressing   15  

Seasonal House Salad...Fresh organic greens tossed with seasonal market vegetables and aged sharp cheddar cheese, drizzled with our blueberry house dressing   


Apple Spinach Salad...Red apple, fresh baby spinach, dried cranberries, fresh goat

chevre, candied walnuts, and thinly sliced red onion tossed in an apple cider honey

vinaigrette   18 


Garlic Cheese Toast...Clarified butter, parmesan cheese, lemon and herbs (2 slices)    

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